The Importance of Salon Products

Salon products ARE better!
Professional products generally use more gentle surfactants (cleansers), are more concentrated, and have higher quality ingredients that produce true results.
Inexpensive brands are watered down.
Drug store or health food store products can make a big bottle seem cheap, when it is actually diluted too much to give real results. Our products have a higher concentration of quality ingredients that maximize effects on your hair. You may spend more money on a bottle, but you’ll have to replace it less frequently which means you’ll be saving money.
No Guarantee.
Your stylist is the only one who is knowledgeable enough to recommend which shampoo, conditioner, and styling products are right for your hair based on your hair texture, density, life style and desired results. When you buy in a drug store, you’re taking a guess and more than likely spending money on items that will not give you the results you need. We know our brands and guarantee you will love the hair care that you purchase from us. If not, bring it back and we will try something new!
Invest in your local hair salon.
If you love your stylist and your salon, you’ll be happy to know that purchasing your home care items from them actually helps keep them in business. The money made from salon product sales is used for supplies, tools, and continuing education. Home care purchases from you help us to afford the resources that we need to grow and continue to improve the service experience you have come to enjoy. You can feel good about spending your money at a place that really matters to you, and help support the local economy.
Real or Counterfeit?
Retailers that are not hair salons are not legally allowed to sell salon brand products. If you notice, they never have an entire product line in stock, only bits and pieces. The products you are buying may be well beyond their expiration date, diluted, or tampered with. We know that everyone wants to save money, but the prices at these places are rarely much different than ours in salon, and buying from a stylist is truly the only way to know what you’re spending your money on.