The Looking Glass Beauty Lounge is excited to announce the launch of Glass Salon Collaborative, a gathering of the most diverse talent in the area. By offering hairstylists different career opportunities in the salon, we feel stylists can reach their full creative potential.

What is a Salon Collaborative? Anything produced or conducted by two or more parties working together within the salon environment. Although collaborative stylists are independent contractors, who own their own business within the salon, they are part of the culture.

The Looking Glass offers a hybrid career model in the salon that includes associate stylists, commission stylists and contract stylists.

Our associate stylists are licensed cosmetologists and employees of the salon, completing advanced training within the salon. They are the freshest and brightest of the new talent in the salon industry.

Those on our commission team are licensed cosmetologists and employees of the salon continuing to hone their craft and build their guest list. They work on a tiered pricing system based on education and experience. Appointments with these stylists are made through a central booking system and payments are collected by the salon at the front desk.

Glass Collaborative is composed of independent contractors that have taken on the role of business owner within the salon. They create their own schedules, collect payments, and are solely responsible for their guests. Collaborative stylists have further experience in the salon industry that allows them to run their own small business.

We are excited about our changes and hope this helps to explain or new endeavor. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Thank you for being a part of our salon family!

We understand that when a stylist is searching for a new salon to better serve their guests, confidentiality is extremely important. Please be assured that your privacy will be respected from the first communication through the interviewing process.

Opportunities are always becoming available so check back soon to see if you might be right for our team.

If applying for a stylist position, we do require a resume.