About Us

How We Got Started
The Looking Glass Beauty Lounge was an idea that came to mind when the owner, Shauntelle Fisher, began to understand that a commitment to customer service and education had been diminishing in the salon industry. She realized that often a visit to the salon is the only nice thing people, especially women, do for themselves in the course of a month. The need to make this time a fun, special event brought about the idea of a beauty lounge. The original 1828 version of Webster’s Dictionary defines lounge as ” to live in idleness; to spend time lazily.” Although the definition has not changed much in nearly 200 years it seems appropriate since the salon is based in a house that is more than 100 years old. There is just no better way to spend idle time than to do it in a fun, friendly environment while getting absolutely beautiful in the process.

New Space
During the summer of 2015, renovations began on a new space for The Looking Glass Beauty Lounge. Located directly across the street from the old space, Shauntelle had a vision from the get-go. Business growth and development is always a hot topic in Central since the city itself has only been established for a decade, so renovating an existing space was a no brainer. When Shauntelle acquired the new property, she knew she wanted to utilize this already amazing space and turn it into something extraordinary. While the old space was wonderful, and held a lot of great memories, Shauntelle felt that it was time to take TLG into a new direction. When you come into the new space, you’ll still get that southern feel, but with a more industrial, reclaimed vibe, much like the warehouse district in New Orleans. The new space was officially open for business in December 2015.

“Our old salon is where we started, this is where we’re going – this is our future.” See more of our new space and the renovation process below, and visit us at the new TLG, located at 12717 Hopper Road in Baton Rouge.

Commitment To Service
Our salon is dedicated to guest beauty and excellent customer service in a comfortable, friendly environment. All of our licensed specialists sincerely enjoy what we do and it is reflected in the loyalty of our guests. We promise individual attention and great services for all of our customers. If, at any time, you believe we have failed to live up to these standards please bring it to the owner’s attention.

Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time. We schedule appointments according to our specialists’ availability and specialty. If you are running late, we understand that life (and traffic) happens but please let us know so we can do our best to accommodate you. Arriving late will likely limit the time allocated for your service; it will lessen the effectiveness and most importantly your pleasure and enjoyment. As a courtesy to all guests we do our best to ensure treatments are completed as scheduled. Cancellations of all services require a 24-hour notice. We also do our best to remind you of your appointment the day before your service to ensure that you will be able to make arrangements to spend time with us. We understand that your time is incredibly important to you and will do our absolute best to stay on schedule. Thank you for your consideration and understanding. Suggestions are always welcome.

Gift Certificates
Ideal for holiday gifts, birthdays, anniversaries as well as employees and business clients. You may stop in to purchase for many occasions including Mother’s or Father’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas or simply just because.