Our menu is based on the most sought after services in the Baton Rouge area. Anything you do not see listed might have recently been added and if not, we will certainly see about accommodating your needs. We always welcome your suggestions.

Pricing is based on a stylist’s level of experience and training. We believe in continuing education for every stylist and price our services based on these factors. After completion of advanced training through our comprehensive Associate’s program, a stylist’s prices increase to reflect that skill level. We also have a separate Associate pricing menu available upon request. If you have any questions about your particular stylist’s pricing please don’t hesitate to ask. Prices are subject to change.

Precision Cutting

Advanced StylistMaster Stylist
Ladies Cut & Style4463
Gentleman’s Cut & Style3142
Little Girl's Cut & Style3144
Little Boy’s Cut & Style2739
Bang Trim1222
Gentleman’s Cleanup1222

Color and Highlighting

Advanced StylistMaster Stylist
Single Tone Color / Glaze6181
Single Tone Color Touch-up5676
Foil Highlighting81115
Foil Highlighting Touch-up7699
Partial Highlight6686
Single Process Bleaching7696
Single Process Bleaching Retouch6687
Corrective Color (Hourly)88129
Specialty Color
Brow Tint (w/ Color Service)1419
* Additional charge for long hair

Color Corrective Service


Have you ever been told that in order to get the hair color that you desire, it will require a “color correction?” You were probably left wondering exactly what that meant. There are two general categories of color corrections. The first category is making dark artificially colored hair much lighter and the second is making lightened hair much darker. Both often require multiple services, sometimes all done in one day and sometimes over a period of weeks or months. Not all hair color changes are achievable in one day and require an immerse amount of work from your stylist to help insure the hair’s integrity. Every situation is different, so a thorough consultation will be conducted before any corrective color. It is incredibly important to disclose all previous color/chemical service history at the consultation. Corrective services are often extremely complicated and have an hourly charge based on stylist level. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and look forward to creating a look that you will love!

Advanced StylistMaster Stylist
Corrective Color (Hourly)88129

Texture and Treatments

Advanced StylistMaster Stylist
Brazilian Blowout298358
Keratin Express99119
Express Blowout / Split End Treatment2839
Permanent Wave75103
Custom Conditioning Treatment2430
American Wave183274
* Additional charge for long hair


Advanced StylistMaster Stylist
Eyebrow Arching1623
Facial Waxing3344
Lip/Chin/Nape Waxing1420

Pricing is dependent upon the volume and length of each client’s hair and the current experience level of each stylist and is subject to change.